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Alyssa Weeks

creative photographer & videographer with a love for people, parties, + beautiful things

Hi friends! I’m Alyssa Weeks, a natural-light photographer specializing in senior portraits, couples and weddings.

Documenting life’s extra special moments is such a passion of mine. 

I am an enthusiastic, loving, and spontaneous twenty-something who loves living in the warm

Arizona weather.

In my world, every day is something different and I strive to make each one worth sharing about. 

I graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor’s in Digital Design, Lopes Up!

While in college, I dove in full time with my business, Alyssa Weeks Photography.

I love running my own business and getting to work with such incredible people, hearing their story, and photographing the big moments in their life.

All of my photos are vibrant, bright, full of joy and are filled with Arizona’s natural beauty- deserts, mountains, and fields.

Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 9.23.33 PM
Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 9.20.10 PM

 The sweetest part of my job is getting to know my clients’ stories, capturing their personalities and seeing their “awwww” reactions when they first look at their photos. I’d have to say that my second favorite part is sitting down with a bag of popcorn late at night to edit client galleries in yoga pants and a top-knot bun while listening to some John Mayer.


When I’m not “puttin’ in work” for AWP, I’m usually having a heart-to-heart with Jesus, snuggling with our Golden Doodle, Sedona, or feeling very guilty while shopping at Target and Madewell. If you ever want to cheer me up, I have a weakness for pepperoni pizza, a good glass of cabernet, and partially uncooked chocolate chip cookies; just saying! And if you need a galpal, I am always down for a good scary movie, some AJs black tea, or a Pinterest inspired party of any kind.

Truly, every day I fall harder for what I do and feel so blessed to have this incredible opportunity to serve such wonderful clients. I cannot wait to learn more about you and the exciting season you're in.


This is my current season of life! I'm just starting my family with the sweetest man in the world for a husband and 2 of the sweetest babies in the world. We are making a home in Surprise, Arizona and adventure every free weekend we have. There are big smiles and lots of snuggling in our house. The past decade we've worked hard to build this life.

So for a little while, we're just cruisin' and living up the rest of our twenties. 


Phoenix, Arizona

Got it! Be in touch soon!

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