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Meet the 2019 ABP Senior Spokesmodels | Spokesmodel Spring Minishoot

Oh my goodness. THIS TEAM!!! I am so excited to introduce my 2019 ABP Senior Spokesmodels!

ABP Senior Spokesmodels are a team of high school seniors that represent the face of Alybart Photography for the duration of their senior year. Throughout the year, the girls get all dolled up and we do several unique photoshoots together!

The spring mini shoot was our FIRST shoot as a team and it went incredible! We had so much fun (despite the 109 degree weather... *insert winky face emoji here*). These girls totally rocked this shoot and I have to say that these are definitely some of my favorite photos EVER!! Ahhh here are some of my favorites!!


Adore these girls soo much!! XOXO

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