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My Best Friend's Beautiful Desert Engagement shoot in Scottsdale, AZ

This adorable couple is Willow and Bennett!! They are from Flagstaff, Arizona and will be getting married in their home town in the spring! This blog post is a special one because Willow is my best friend from college and I will actually BE IN THE WEDDING, not behind the camera!! You guys, this means I won't have to resist breaking out all the dance moves!!

Since they'll be talking photos in Northern Arizona for the rest of their lives, they wanted to take their engagement photos in the desert, and oh am I thrilled they did because this gallery is absolutely stunning!!!

It was so hard to pick which photos to include in the blog post because I love them all soooo much! So.. see below for (most) of my favorites!!

(A quick note to the bride)

Willow Smith,

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I cannot wait to stand by your side as you marry the love of your life!! You are going to be the most beautiful bride!! Love you girl!!!

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