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2021 Spokesmodel Meet And Greet!!

Ahh I didn't even know if this event was going to get to happen this year because of everything going on right now. My goal for this group of girls is to try my best to give them the same experience past year's teams have had (even if that means having to wear masks at our meet and greet).

I am SO happy I got to meet each of these girls and their parents in person and host this years meet and greet in my home! Here are some BTS and each of the girl's headshots!! Aren't they just the cutest! I love that each one of them brings something unique to the team. I cannot wait to work with them this year!!

Look at these sweet girls!! I cannot wait for this year!!


And here is an unforgettable photo of each group in their masks! I mean we couldn't have a meet and greet without a group photo!!


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