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Brett and Rayn's engagement session at the salt river in Mesa, Arizona

I LOVED taking engagement photos for these two! They are so easy going and THE sweetest.

We took their photos on a Sunday afternoon at the Salt River. Funny story about their location, actually.... you guys, the salt river is across town for me and them... and we went to turn on to the street where they had picked for their pictures to be at and it was CLOSED. Yep. The entire road was blocked off due to an extreme fire danger. So this BEAUTIFUL location below was the backup location (that I scrambled to find in 5 minutes by the way...). I am IN LOVE and SO happy this was the location we ended up shooting at because LOOK (insert heart eyes emoji)!!

Scroll down to see some of my absolute favorites from their shoot even though their entire gallery is literally my fave!! Such a perfect session!!

Congratulations Brett and Rayn. I am so happy and excited for you two!!

Hair and Makeup: Vidogi Salon


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