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My must have photography equipment for Senior Portrait sessions

Check out my absolute favorite products and equipment for running a senior portrait photography business!

Senior portrait photographer's camera

My Camera : I am a Canon girl through and through and absolutely LOVE my Canon 5D Mark IV 😍 The coloring is perfect and I love the functionally of it. Dual card slots, incredible video capabilities with subject follow-focus, and so much more!

My Favorite Lens: I used to exclusively shoot senior portraits with my Canon 50mm f1.2, which I still LOVE! But recently, my favorite lens became my Sigma 35mm f1.8

My Reflector: My reflector is huge and perfect for portraits because it has a handle! This means I can shoot and hold the reflector at the same time to get those close up portraits. Note* for my style of photography I only use the white side of this reflector!

My Camera Backpack 😍 I am OBSESSED with my Kamrette leather camera backpack. I wear it throughout my shoots-- it's so comfy! It has the perfect amount of storage for a portrait session AND it's soooo cute!

My Camera Strap - This thing is a life saver! I love that I can drop my camera to my side in between shots and I can wear it for hours without it getting uncomfortable.

Memory Cards: I have SO many memory cards and make sure to bring a couple extra cards to every shoot. My preference is 64GB cards because I don't need more space than that for a portrait session.

Step Stool: You may laugh at this.... but I bring a step stool to EVERY shoot. You never know how tall a client might be or the incline of land you may need to shoot on. I recommend this light-weight foldable one!

I love and use all these products at every shoot!


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