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Ready for a not so Arizona looking senior shoot? THIS. We traveled a little ways up north just past Black Canyon City, Arizona to shoot in these beautiful hills and fields. Yes, I do have a $50 travel fee... but some say it's worth it for these views! Below are photos of what Sunset Point looks like in April-- lots of green and yellow flowers. During other times of year, this location has more of a neutral wheat field look-- click here to see!

Here are sneak peeks from one of my spokesmodels, also my little sis, Hannah. She went all out for these and wore the cutest spring outfits, got her makeup done, and brought her mamma and boyfriend to pop in for a few photos at the end.

So many people ask if they can bring someone to their shoot and the answer is, absolutely!! I always recommend bringing a friend who's made an impact during your high school years, or family who have supported you through this big time in your life.

This shoot is one of my faves!!

To book your shoot at Sunset Point, click here and fill out the form on my website or email me at .


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